Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Why wait any longer for the one you love"


The Sub-Text of her life.

R.I.P.  (Husband # 1 the
quintessential "Madmen" of his day, not part of the Bob Dylan and me story, however, did give me "Blonde on Blonde" (along with Rubber Soul), along with other presents in an effect to salvage our five year marriage (virgins both, I was 17 & he 18 as we embarked on that journey)



Lay Lady Lay

"Tell Me It Isn't Town"
""They say that you’ve been seen with some other man
"That he’s tall, dark and handsome, and you’re holding his hand
Darlin’, I’m a-countin’ on you
Tell me that it isn’t true"


"visions of your chestnut mare/ a man named Gray"

"Idiot Winds" and Blood on the Tracks


"There's a woman by the river
With some fine young handsome man
He's dressed up like a squire
Bootlegged whiskey in his hand"

Husband #2 of six years--the less said about that, the better

"There’s a new grove of trees on the outskirts of town

The old one is long gone

Timber two-foot-six across

Burns with the bark still on"'

From the song "Floater (Too Much to Ask)" from the Bob Dylan album: Love and Theft.



Eve of March 14, 2014

Of Archetypes and No Stone Unturned...

Usurped by fatalities never imagined, the death of hope entwined with facing down one's own anger at being duped by the insubstantial belief in super inundated fairy tales --  yet this recognition is saturated still with unsurpassed reliance on miracles. 

But the dignity of stoicism and the resolute adherence substantiated by a reliable past makes feasible the belief that you will reckon to rein in victory over trepidation and alarming result-dependent, paralyzing disparaging self-regard and paradoxically deeply entrenched pride, to forgive encrypted and unhinged judgments and comprehend instead that the ingress of forgiveness and satiety, the granting of a boon to a worshipful friend and admirer supersedes self and that in heaven's terms, this trumps a world of accolades.

Achievement kept you upright and love kept you accessible and being cognizant that suspicions and doubt be also bound up in our intimate regard and assumptions --  all the more the reason to further our joined experience.

What not greatness of melody, beauty and worded expression and exploration of devotion and admiration would accomplish, so might what was kept in reserve -- reason.  To be thrust into pursuing the matrix of this companionship and find there purchase and the balm of resolution -- unlike the explosive drive and superlative but treacherous expectation of storybook perfection, but in the pressing need of needful things attended to before passing on to parts unknown.

There then to find trenchant promise and consistent leverage of probity and a regard that features a modicum of respect and a measure of tenderness so long expressed, no longer in need now of yet again being lured, tested and exposed.

Let me not expound and recommend, plead and bemoan, suggest and point out former attributes that mutually beguiled and entranced.

But rather seeing that only you are empowered with the way and means, let me share with you the responsibility of my asking and your doing -- readily as key will fit lock.

by Queen of Swords


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